He was born on September 12, 1972 in Montevideo, Uruguay. 

In 1985 he began to play drums and guitar in a self-taught way. 

In 1987 he began to study drums, guitar and harmony. That year he performed at the Marist College Song Festival with his band and won the prize for the best drummer of the festival. 

In 1989 he joined the C.I.D.E.C. Preschool institute as a teacher in Musical Initiation, activity in which he worked for three years. In 1990 and continuing with his musical education in harmony and composition, he also studies drums with Gustavo "Cheché" Etchenique during a period of three years. During those years he joined the band Hot Jam, pioneer of funk and soul music in Uruguay as a drummer, guitarist and composer. 

In 1994 the first album of the band called "Historias de la Noche" is released, witch obtains very good reviews and favorable acceptance in the audience. 

In 1995 he traveled to Spain with the band and played for six months in different theaters and pubs in Palma de Mallorca. Then, along with Patrick Petruchelli and Seba Zinola he travels to Madrid and resides there for two years, studying and playing with great musicians of that country (Chano Domínguez, Jorge Pardo, Victor Merlo and many others). 

In mid-1997 he returned to Montevideo and recorded the second´s band album, called "Psicolatino", and between May of 1997 and May of 1998 he records the album "Bar" of the band “Tama y Los Rápidos”, being the drummer of the same, realizing several performances by all the capital city.

Throughout the year 1998 he toured with Hot Jam all Uruguay and Buenos Aires. Also the EP "Hot Jam Mixes" is released in that year.

In 1999 he is invited to participate in the album "Generación Noct." As a singer and percussionist, he performs several shows for the presentation of that record. In that year he began to work at the Minor´s National Institute (I.NA.ME.) with adolescents deprived of their liberty. He conducts music workshops, teaching different instruments and composing songs with the minors. Hence the recording and editing of the album "Esperando Salir", with songs written in the workshops and then performed by great Uruguayan music artists such as Rubén Rada, José Carbajal "El Sabalero", Hugo Fattoruso, Malena Muyala, Mariana Ingold and Urbano Moraes among others. 

In 2000 he continues working in musical workshops with the minors, in addition to the many performances with the bands that he integrates: Hot Jam, Petruchelli Jazz Quartet and Tama y Los Rápidos. 

In 2001 he participates in the solo album of the pianist of Hot Jam and Jazz Quartet, Sebastián Zinola. He also recorded, produced and composed with the writer Ramiro Guzman several songs for his album "Ruina Amada", along with Mario Villagrán, Popo Romano, Nico Ameglio, Samantha Navarro, etc. He also continues to study composition, piano, guitar, drums and percussion. 

In 2002 the Generation Noct project continues and with Patrick Petruchelli and Nico Ameglio he composes and produces a second album titled "Candombe for Robots", where he makes an interesting mix of African American rhythms with electronic music. In this album, released in 2003 in the United States and Canada he takes part as composer, arranger, producer and performer (vocals, guitars, drums, keyboards, programming, etc.).  

In 2004 and continuing his teaching activity he begins to work on what will be the album "Esperando Salir 2", composing new songs in the music workshops with the minors. This time the performers of the songs are León Gieco, Sebastian Teysera, Gabriel Peluffo, Fernando Cabrera and Jorge Nasser among others. The album is released in 2005. 

In that year he joined Hugo Jasa and Carlos Cotelo as a member of the Absolut - Pregones advertising music and audio production company during years 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2008. He produces a large number of advertising pieces for brands such as Coca Cola, Ford, Volskwagen, BBVA, Panasonic, Jeep, Chrysler, Dodge, etc. 

In 2008 he composed with Hugo Jasa the music for the film "Hit", which won the prize for Best Original Music of Uruguayan Cinema  that year. He also participates in the recording of the Daniel Petruchelli´s album "Mar Inmenso" as percussionist. 

From mid-2008 until the end of 2012 he worked as music producer at Cerodb Studios, doing countless works for clients such as Toyota, TnT, Space, Isat, etc. 

In 2010 Ricardo Lacuan entrusted him the making of his solo album "Reviviendo" in which he performs as drummer, artistic producer and musical director. 

In 2011 he produced the original soundtrack for the film "El Último Carnaval" by Uruguayan director Federico Lemos. 

In 2013 he begins to compose the music of the film DF 10 about Diego Forlán, released on April 4, 2016 in the Auditorio Nacional del Sodre. 

In 2014 he composed the music for the short film "Protocolo Celeste", designed to promote the candidacy of Uruguay as host of the FIFA World Cup 2030, directed by Martin Sastre and starring Natalia Oreiro and Diego Forlán. In 2015 he performs, among other works, the music of the trailer for the movie "Cristal", which will begin running in 2017. 

He is currently working as an independent producer in his own recording studio.


Email: Phone: +598 98 801 369 Address: José María Montero 2840/301 Montevideo, Uruguay.